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About me

Updated: May 21

  • Lifelong resident of Edmore, MI

  • Graduate of Montabella Community Schools

  • Graduate of Central Michigan University

  • Elected as Trustee to Home Township Library Board

  • 34 years in public education

  • Active union member and district negotiator

  • MEA UniServ Unified Bargaining Council member

I have been a life-long resident of Montcalm County, choosing to return home after graduating from CMU. My husband, Richard, and I raised our family on part of the old family farm in Edmore. We now have three grown children, a daughter-in-law and three active grandsons. We are winter enthusiasts who enjoy dog sledding, winter sports, and being outside. Like many families, we are on the go in support of one another’s activities and in the care of our parents or grandkids. We love going up north during the summer, but are always glad to come back home.  My decision to enter the race comes from my concern about the continued deterioration of our communities. Like you, I see that small family businesses and farms are struggling or closing. Our schools are wrestling with providing quality education for all students with inadequate funding. We wonder about our tap water and the quality and protection of our water sources. We are concerned for our returning veterans, who may need more assistance in transition to civilian life. These are not partisan issues—yet in Lansing that is how it appears. I’m a “gotta see it, show me where the money goes” type of person. I don’t want my tax dollars wasted or yours. When elected, I will keep rural issues in the spotlight and reach across the aisle to negotiate common sense solutions. I can make you one promise… I will treat your concerns like mine…because they are mine. With your help, I will go from the school house to the state house to do the work for the people of the 70th District.    

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